What Are The Feather Structure And Classification

Pennaceous feather shafts and pinna form. The rachis into calamus and rachis. Feather plume feather-free part of the shaft, and the lower end is inside the feather follicles, round, hollow, have holes in the bottom, called the umbilical which accommodate the papillary dermis, forming feather pulp, for a dry set of structures within the calamus Haneda root connected to the upper end of the rachis is up, there is a small hole in the Middle through calamus cavity. Rachis for the upper segment of the rachis, long is almost quadrangular solid body, tapering distally, conviction and elastic. Feathers on either side of the belly attached feather. Pinna in feathers on both sides of the revolution, formed by the diagonal parallel barbs, down both sides of the epiphytic small barbs and barbules and distal barbules points, respectively, have jagged protrusions and hooks, tooth-like protrusions of the adjacent and smaller hook, form a complete pinnae.
Feather is covers most birds have feathers, forming the basic shape of the poultry, according to its different parts, and somebody put it into flying, coverts and tail feathers are three types.
Distribution in geese and ducks and other waterfowl feather body, was covered by feather, formed insulation, heat preservation, in the thorax, and wing base up. But appearance is not easy to see. Feather plume-free dry only a fine or short and soft, fluffy feathers, radiate, shaped like a cotton wool. Feather barbules and issued, but no it was tooth-like protrusions on the barbules and smaller hook, it does not form the pinnae. Newborn chicks feather feather-like, for a special feather.