The Economic Income Of Ostrich Feathers Is Considerable.

Ostrich Feather is a listed commodity, ostrich feather weight about 14% of the living, ostrich plumage are plush feather (only the feather axis and feather branchlets), feather texture soft, color has gray, black, white three kinds. Because of good warmth, feel soft, Orstich Feather can be used as a noble dress and headdress. Ostrich feathers do not carry static electricity, can be used to wipe advanced precision instruments and computers.

Ostrich feathers are the earliest human use of ostriches. Ostrich feathers are beautiful and charming. Its appearance is mainly gray, black and white, elegant and luxurious. Ostrich feathers In addition to the main feathers in the middle, the rest are fluff, texture soft, feel excellent, Orstich Feather insulation performance is good, is a modern high-grade clothing precious ornaments. In addition, ostrich feather is the only anti-static feathers, dust-absorbing performance is excellent, today all the world's precision scientific instruments and computer components, in its purification process of the last step, must pass through the Tuo feather whisk to calculate eligibility. Because of the above unique characteristics of ostrich feathers, the demand for ostriches is growing. The economic recipient of ostrich feathers is also considerable. An ostrich has an annual capacity of 1.49 kg of feathers. Orstich Feather The European market is priced at $50 a pound, with high-quality feathers up to $1000.

Ostrich feather size and shape are as follows:

① length for decorative feather, the length of the feather shaft is very important measurable indicators, divided into $number level, respectively, shorter than 54 cm, 55 cm, 60 cm, Orstich Feather 65 cm and longer than 70 centimeters. At the same time the feathers must be symmetrical.

The length of ② width is another important index for processing feather and feather branches. Measurement of the length of the plume, is generally measured on both sides of the feather axis of the width of the entire plume, the width of the plume should be on both sides of the feather axis relative. $number-grade, Orstich Feather representing shorter than 25 cm, 28 cm, 32 cm, 36 cm and longer than 40 cm.

The feathering depends on the shape of the hairs and hairs. The edge of the plume must be clear, the hairs are not drooping, the tip of the feather is blunt and the length is consistent.

The ③ is divided into 5 grades: 1 grade angle is narrow, top tip, 2 level angle equals or less than 90 degrees, but not sharp, 3 degree is greater than 90 degrees, but not blunt, 4-level sharp, but not round;

④ root hair is divided into 5 levels: 1 level of hair gradually to the stem of the feather to shorten to the sharp-shaped, 2-level wider than the first level, 3-level than 4 and 5-class narrow, 4-stage round or square, but more than 5 feather narrow;

⑤ Edge Cleanliness is divided into 5 levels: 1-level burrs a lot of tendrils, drooping, irregular, 2-grade tendrils, uneven edges, 3 grades of neat, but different length of the feather branches, 4 neat, but hairy branches are uneven, 5-level very neat, the length of the plume is consistent, Orstich Feather each branch of the corner perfect.