The Craft Of Making Ostrich Feather Clothing Requires High

Ostrich feather Clothing is not like the fox hair and rabbit hair, not even the belt hair together, but a root through the plane to shake into a top, and then sew on the clothes. Ostrich Feather Apparel The middle of the tops of the 3cm around the spacing, the feathers can be seen. But the nature of the body will not reveal the lining of the OH. Clothing upper body effect is very good oh, fluffy very elegant feeling, very luxurious, Ostrich Feather Apparel also not the kind of sparse hair, are high-density, fluffy, very type!

Ostrich feather Garment production process requires high, a root feathers made of wool tops, and then sewn on clothes, time-consuming and labor-intensive, Ostrich Feather Apparel need skilled workers a pure hand-woven to wear it time consuming force, dozens of workers day and night class drive system, and only 200 pieces of the daily shipments Oh.

Ostrich feather Clothing In the winter is very popular for a while, this year is still a hot pursuit of mm fashionable style, ostrich hair texture soft, look hairy, very cute. Ostrich Feather Apparel Although the appearance looks very fluffy, but perhaps because the feather unique light inspiration, wears in the body instead of the fur thick feeling.

Wear on the body seems very thin, but unexpectedly warm. Ostrich hair plump elegant and feel good, has excellent thermal insulation performance, and ostrich feathers is the only anti-static feathers, Ostrich Feather Apparel water blue and foil mm color, there is a very gentle, very bird feeling.

Ostrich feather Clothing itself its hair is not like rabbit hair is a flat, natural is a kind of fluffy, in fact, fur clothes generally do not have to choose to add cotton, Ostrich Feather Apparel the skin of their fur plate is a warm role. Suggest that you still choose to fit the number of yards, do not buy big, this will appear a bit bloated. Single on OK, buy exactly the right fit can be, for fur, collocation or should pay attention to, fluffy grass cautious to play a very loose bottom shirt, you can choose to cultivate points.