Structure Of The Feather

The rachis – is located in the shaft, hollow, also known as the "Feather Quill", "Quill". Feather shaft pipe contained some very light foam-like material, which can make birds easy to fly, this structure will make the birds fly wings without breaking.
Calamus--feather shaft lower, also known as the "Feather handles", hollow, translucent, deep within the skin.
Feather Rod-the feather shaft upper, its ventral surface has a line through the shallow channel, finally feather and feather stick is connected, there is a small hole, called "up".
Cord-end-calamus under small holes containing dermal papilla, is the growth of new feathers feather pulp. Nutritional pathways provide feathers for the dermal papilla.
Umbilical cord-the calamus top hole on, hypoplasia of the preparation under the umbilical cord attached to a cluster of small feathers, known as pair of feather (Deputy General bird feathers developed, EMU, cassowaries Deputy Yu developed). Pinnae-in on both sides of the rachis, formed by barbs. Each feather barbules of slanting parallel to many on both sides. With hooks and grooves barbules, adjacent the barbules of the hooks and slots hooked to each other into pinnae. Hooks and grooves after undocking, birds beak grooming can be on the hook again.