Processing Technology Of Natural Feathers

1, collect. Plucking method, dry pull and wet two, to pull is better. But in most parts of China using wet-drawing, wet pulled hair moisture content, also need to dry before storage. Acquisition must pay attention to the following points:
Various poultry body Shang of fluff, and tablets hair and big feathers,, are collection up, especially goose, and duck of fluff and tablets hair is feathers in the most has value of part, shall not missed; feathers of quality and uses the has different, so chicken, and duck, and feather shall not mutual mixed; for guarantee feathers quality, pulled hair Shi shall not will feet shell, and visceral, and stool, mixed in with.
2, dry. Feather hanging should note the following points: when drying feathers, you should select a sheltered, sunny and clean place to hang out, not mixed with impurities; dried and feather collection, so as not to be blown away by the wind and the night was wet with dew.
3, preserved. In order to avoid feather rot and insects, preservation should be Note: dried feathers should be stored in dry, and to regularly check for damp, such as when there is a musty smell or special, it should dry; when rainy or windy days are not suitable for drying, can be used in indoor diffuse dry; should have special responsibility for collecting, drying, storage, and so on.