Ostrich Feathers Have Good Thermal Properties

Ostrich feather color has gray, black, white three kinds.

Ostrich feathers do not produce static electricity, can be used to clean the computer and precision instruments and do clean cars duster.

"Dandelion" fluffy lightweight texture, to create a free, delicate dream image plump elegant ostrich feathers not only feel soft, there is a good thermal performance. Light feathers in the air posture is extremely graceful, ostrich feathers are therefore used to make high-end headdress, Orstich Feather clothing and wedding dresses.

A costume decorated with ostrich feathers when you walk in it, every feather is swaying in the wind, like a dandelion flying in the air, even you become as beautiful as a fairy.

Shiny coat looming, in conjunction with the ostrich feather skirt, Orstich Feather so that the whole wedding dress fresh and romantic, there are no lack of aristocratic noble sense.

Ostrich hair texture soft plump elegant and feel good with excellent thermal insulation performance and ostrich feather only with electrostatic feather wipe precision industrial instruments Apparel industry BEST Ingredients International Ballroom dance Competition dancers dress up with ostrich hair

The ostrich feather and its poultry feather the same 1 feather axis coarse and feather piece many feather texture soft feel very good have good heat preservation performance clothing industry best ingredients ostrich feathers produce static electricity used in computer and precision instruments clean and do clean car duster ostrich long June pluck every September 1 times annual Feather 1 kilograms In addition ostrich oil production of high-grade cosmetic skin care products Ostrich cornea, viscera, ostrich whip, ostrich bone and so on have medical and medicinal value to be exploited for human development ostrich feather only listed products ostrich feather weight about 14% of the ostrich feathers are all feather feathers (only the feather axis and feather branchlets) feather texture of soft color has gray, black, Orstich Feather White three kinds of warm good feel soft for the noble costumes and headdress ostrich feather belt electrostatic used to wipe advanced precision instruments and computers.