Ostrich Feathers Have Good Heat Preservation

Ostrich feather texture soft, plump elegant and feel good, has excellent thermal insulation performance, and ostrich feathers is the only anti-static feathers, Orstich Feather can wipe the precise industrial equipment, is a good garment industry ingredients. In the International Ballroom Dance Competition, the dancers ' costumes are decorated with ostrich feathers.

Ostrich feathers and other poultry feathers, Orstich Feather in the middle of 1 feather shaft thick, and feather many for down, texture valuables, feel extremely good, have very good insulation performance, is the clothing industry's best ingredients. Ostrich feathers do not produce static electricity, Orstich Feather can be used to clean the computer and precision instruments and do clean cars duster. The ostrich can be plucked for 6 months, then 1 times every 9 months, each with an annual output of 1 kilograms feathers. In addition, ostrich oil is the production of high-grade cosmetic skin care supplies raw materials, ostrich cornea, viscera, ostrich whip, ostrich bone and so on are medical and medicinal value, to be used for human development.

Ostrich feather A Listed products ostrich feather weight about 14% of the live, the ostrich plumage are plush feather (only the feather axis and feather branchlets), the texture of the feather, the color has gray, black, white three kinds. Because of good warmth, feel soft, Orstich Feather can be used as a noble dress and headdress. Ostrich feathers do not carry static electricity, can be used to wipe advanced precision instruments and computers.