Ostrich Feathers Have Excellent Insulation Properties

The earliest use of ostrich products is ostrich feathers. Ostrich feathers are beautiful and charming. Its appearance is mainly gray, black and white, elegant and luxurious. Ostrich feathers in addition to the middle of the main feathers, the rest are fluff, fine texture, feel good, Orstich Feather good insulation properties, is a modern high-level clothing precious ornaments.

Ostrich feathers are soft, plump and feel good, with excellent insulation properties, and ostrich feathers are the only non-static feathers, can wipe the precision of industrial equipment, Orstich Feather clothing industry is a good ingredients. International dancing contest, dancers costumes are decorated with ostrich feathers.

Ostrich feathers and other poultry feathers, the middle of a feather axis thick, and the feathers are mostly down, fine texture, feel good, have a good insulation performance, is the clothing industry on the good ingredients. Ostrich feathers do not produce static electricity, can be used for computer and precision instruments to clean and clean the car's duster. Ostrich long to 6 months can be plucked, Orstich Feather after every 9 months pull 1 times, each can produce an annual output of 1 kg of feathers.

Ostrich feathers a listed commodity ostrich feathers about 14% of live weight, ostrich feathers are feather feathers (only feathers and feathers branch), feathers texture soft, gray, black and white. As a result of good warm, soft, Orstich Feather can be used for noble clothing and headdress. Ostrich feathers are not static, can be used to wipe high-level precision instruments and computers.

Due to the unique characteristics of the ostrich feathers, the demand for ostrich feathers is growing. The economic income of ostrich feathers is also considerable. An ostrich with an annual output of 1.49 kilograms of feathers. The European market price of $ 50 per pound feathers, high quality feathers can be as high as $ 1,000.