Ostrich Feather Dyeing Process

The size and shape of the ostrich feathers are as follows:

① length for the decorative feathers, feather axis length is very important measurable indicators, divided into 1 to 5, representing less than 54 cm, 55 cm, 60 cm, 65 cm and longer than 70 cm. While feathers must be symmetrical to each other.

② width for the processing of feathers, branches of the length is another important indicator. Measure the length of the feathers, generally measured on both sides of the entire width of the feathers, requiring the width of the feathers should be symmetrical on both sides of the feather axis. Points 1 to 5, representing less than 25 cm, 28 cm, 32 cm, Orstich Feather 36 cm and longer than 40 cm.

The feathers depend on the shape of the pointed and root hairs. The edge of the pinna must be clear, the hair does not sag, feathers tip blunt, the length of the same.

3 angle is greater than 90 degrees, but not blunt; <sup> 4 </ sup> level tip width; 3 angle is greater than 90 degrees, but not blunt; , But not round; 5 pointed round.

④ root hair 5: 1 root hair gradually reduced to the tip of the stalk to the tip; 2 than a wide; 3 than 4 and 5 narrow; 4 round or square, but more than 5 feathers Narrow; 5 square, as long as other hairs.

⑤ incisive degree of 5: 1 level of a lot of curls like, drooping, not neat; 2 volumes like, the edge is not neat; 3 moderate and neat, but the feathers of different lengths; 4 neat, but Maozhi Uneven 5 level is very neat, Orstich Feather Yuzhi length of the same, each corner of the corner full.

Bird feathers as raw materials, on the basis of understanding the ostrich feather tissue structure, the ostrich feather bleaching whitening and dyeing process should pay attention to several major processes such as degreasing, media, bleaching bleaching, whitening, dyeing, etc. Reduce the feather damage, keep the ostrich feathers soft and plump and other unique performance and other issues were studied to produce a soft, plump, elegant, bright ostrich feathers processed products.

Ostrich body is treasure, its meat, skin, eggs, hair, Orstich Feather blood and bone, cornea, eggshells are food, medicine and cosmetics industries such as high-quality raw materials [1-2]. For the ostrich feathers, as early as the early 18th century, southern Africa, the Cape of Good Hope has been used to make clothing with its decorations, when the ostrich feather jewelry in the Western aristocracy has begun to widespread. Ostrich feathers are different from other poultry feathers