Ostrich Feather Clothing Washing Requirements

Ostrich feather clothing selling point:

Aspect one: leather with black high waist pants, in order to match the lovely hat, wild blue wizard shirt and a mirror! Choose a pair of bright some of the flat shoes and cute hats with, head and feet echo.

Aspect 2: This year is very popular ostrich feather clothing, ostrich feather clothing coupled with dark long denim skirt and retro eaves hat. In fact, this dress with pleated skirt or jeans, are very nice. This long denim skirt, coupled with the shoes are also good.

Aspect three: super love ostrich feather clothing, just look will be more mature, so choose light-colored denim clothing, take the lovely blue wizard white shirt. Light orange with light blue, so that the winter can also color up. This fur coat, lower body with the complex can not be complicated, simple boots shorts like.

Ostrich feather clothing is animal hair, animal protein fiber, easy to shrink, Ostrich Feather Apparel so the general should be sent to a professional washing machine dry cleaning.

In daily life to pay attention to:

Ostrich feather clothing dirty must be immediately clean, so as not to leave traces. The longer the time the stains stay on the top, the less likely to be washed away; and, a long time stains into the fiber, cleaning will inevitably friction, it is more likely to cause damage to clothing.

For contaminated local stains, try using a towel dipped in a neutral wash solution or a silk-like special detergent aqueous solution to gently wipe the matte surface, remove the stains, Ostrich Feather Apparel the same method with a clean towel dipped in water to remove detergent residue, repeatable Several times, the operation process as far as possible not wet the skin board, and in time to dry in the shade.

If washed, have the following points:

1, not alkali, if the wash is appropriate neutral enzyme-free detergent, it is best to use wool-specific detergent. If you use the washing machine to wash, you should use the drum washing machine, Ostrich Feather Apparel choose soft procedures, such as hand wash the best gently rubbing, can not use scrubbing scrubbing;

2, wool fabric in more than 30 degrees of aqueous solution will shrink deformation, it should be cold water for a short time soaking, washing temperature of not more than 40 degrees, gently Zhuo wash, should not vigorously scrub. Be sure to use the laundry bag when washing machine, select the light gear. Deep color is generally easy to fade;

3, the use of squeeze washing, avoid twist, squeeze in addition to water, flat dry or folded half of hanging dry; wet plastic or semi-dry plastic surgery, in addition to wrinkles, not sun exposure;

4, to use softener to maintain soft feel and anti-static;

5, can not use chlorine bleach bleaching solution, available oxygen bleaching.

Ostrich Feather Apparel Note:

1, bogey and sharp, rough items and strong alkaline items contact;

2, choose cool and ventilated place sun drying, Ostrich Feather Apparel dry before the collection;

3, the collection period should be regularly open the cabinet, Ostrich Feather Apparel ventilated and breathable, keep dry;

4, high temperature and humid season, should be dried several times to prevent mildew.