Goose Feather Has Good Heat Preservation Performance

Goose Feather Main use:

① Cold insulation material. Velvet feather texture Fluffy soft, full of elasticity, with good thermal insulation performance, is a senior thermal insulation filler materials, can be made into down, quilt, pillow, cap, sleeping bags and other daily necessities.

② cultural Sporting Goods. Feather main wing Feather, Goose Feather deputy main wing feather, can be processed to make feather fan, badminton, cricket and other supplies.

③ Crafts. Feathers with natural colours can be made of feather flowers, feather paintings and other decorations. White feathers can be artificially dyed, Goose Feather making a variety of colorful handicrafts

④ protein feed. After processing, can be made into animal protein feed.

⑤ Chemical supplies. The keratin in the feather is chemically processed into a highly viscous protein solution that can be processed into a variety of chemical products.

The goose's body is tightly attached to the body's feathers. The feathers of large geese are more loose. Medium and small goose feathers are tighter. Goose feathers according to its different parts, Goose Feather down the different shape and structure, the goose body feathers are divided into positive feather, velvet feather and Fiber feather, velvet feather 4 species. The positive feather is the most feathers on the body surface. Goose is waterfowl, feather abundant velvet thick, especially velvet feather is comparatively developed, commonly known as goose down, this feather noded is under the feather. The fiber plume is mixed in the positive feather, the filament feather is slender as wool, therefore also the name hairiness, the feather axis is hard, the thermal insulation performance is poor. Velvet feather between the feather and feather plume, it is also known as the Half Velvet feather, the upper part of the feather, the lower part is a relatively sparse velvet feather. The plumage color of geese varies according to the variety of geese, with 2 of white and gray varieties. The white feather variety is more, the north of our country and South East Goose is more, Goose Feather the south is more common with the gray Goose, the goose is less. From the surface of the goose body is feathered, in fact, feathers are born in a certain area of the body surface. There is a feather area called the plume area, not the raw feather area called bare area. At the same time, the proportion of goose body down in different parts, according to the relevant departments, December old Wanxi white goose in spring slaughter results: Each goose has an average down weight of 6.34%, 285 grams, of which the chest, abdomen, back, legs and neck accounted for 18.12% of the total down. 10.59%. 24.43%. 4.69% and 12.85% were in turn 51 in weight. 63 grams, 30.18 grams, 69.63 grams, 13.38 grams and 36.63 grams, back chest down production more, less legs.