Feather Types

Feather structure pennaceous, feathers, feather half feather, fiber and powder 5.
Distribution of the body, wings, tail, including coating
In vitro large pinnae (contour feather) and at wing and tail flight feathers and tail feathers. Number of flight feathers and tail feathers are constant. Feather shaft end for calamus, deep in the skin. Feather shafts on both sides of slanting parallel many of the barbs, the feather barbule more neatly be separated on both sides. Feather barbule is distal 1 column many barbicel the tip has a thin hook, connected with the feather barbule proximal to form flat and flexible vanes, to fan the air and protects the body.
Down feathers
Growing several below pennaceous, feathers elongated into filaments, inserted in top of the calamus. Barbule is short, filamentous feather Tufts on the top, no hook on the barbules have no feather fibers or small hook, cannot connect Pinna, feather fluffy cashmere. Waterfowl feathers developed, duck down is the feathers. Chicks hatched surface covered with feather called natal down, developed in the early embryonic, and altricial sparse or no. Natal down completely with feather small hooks.
Half of down feathers
Somewhere between feathers and feather a feather, feather structure but lack small feather hooks and lugs, so fluffy like a feather. General distribution under the plume.
Fine feather
Also known as "fuzzy", between the feather and down feathers, with only a slender, feather, hair-like, the top has little barbs and barbules. Fuzzy's basic function is to touch. Rachis long, mixed in feather and down feathers. Feathers and feather little or no small number, is a degenerated plume. Filoplume also known as hairy feathers grow on the margin of the eyes, beak base and between the feather and down feathers.
Powder [feather ran]
A special feather, life-long growth reflects a change, end the barbs and barbules and constantly breaking to powder particles, help clean the dirt from the feathers or feathers waterproof. Herons powder [feather ran] developed in the Department of thoracic and abdominal and flank patch distribution. Eagle and parrots powder [feather ran] distributed in the body. Often lack the uropygial gland of birds has developed powder [feather ran].