The Cock Feathers Are Bright And Colorful

Cocked with tall cockscomb, long and elegant tail feathers, and the body of the cock feathers bright colors, full of luster. The hen, not only small, coat monotonous lack of luster, cockscomb and tail feather is also far from the cock so publicity, in short, looks very low-key. The cock looks more beautiful than the hen, why is this?

We know that chicken is domesticated by the domestic chicken. Wild state of the original chicken in China, Yunnan, Guangxi and Hainan area there are distribution, their shape and today's chicken is basically similar. Chicken is a big family, compare all kinds of chickens, Cock Feather we will find that rooster is more common than hen is a common phenomenon, and male and female differences among the most obvious to the number of peacocks. In the big family of ducks, the situation is the case, which in turn the appearance of mandarin ducks the most typical. Male mandarin ducks body cock feathers are very beautiful, especially the back of the wings on the wing of the root orange red sail is pulling the wind. And female mandarin ducks, then the whole body grayish brown, Cock Feather it is particularly bleak. It can be seen that the male is not an ordinary phenomenon than the female, but also behind the phenomenon of hidden scientific truth.

The reason why the cock is beautiful and the hen plain is different, but can all be attributed to the result of natural selection. The cock is beautiful for the need to show off. In spouse selection, hens have the right to choose, they tend to choose those cock feathers beautiful cock as spouse. Because rooster feathers are usually cocked with good genes and healthy body, their offspring and thus have a higher survival rate, Cock Feather so that the rooster excellent genetic information can be passed down from generation to generation. Hens of this choice tend to be enhanced after generation after generation, only the emergence of today's people see the masculine beauty. While the hen's flat is out of the need for self-protection. Chicken usually breeds on the ground to nap, and spawning by the hens is responsible for hatching. Reproductive period is their most vulnerable time, for their own safety, and to ensure the success of breeding, hen's body color needs closer to the environment the better, so as to avoid being found by natural enemies. Cock Feather This after a generation after generation of natural choice, also appeared today people see the hens are low-key dull body color.

In birds, the opposite is true, that is to say, some birds are more beautiful than males. Such as water pheasant and color snipe, are more beautiful birds, the male is relatively bleak. This is why? In fact, the same principle. The role of these birds and the male and female just reversed, that is, the female has the desire to show off, and the male has the right to choose, the female spawning after leaving, by the male is responsible for hatchery. Of course, most of the birds are hatched by the male and female and nurtured offspring, when the gender of the body color is usually closer. In this case, the side of the show is not only body color, Cock Feather more of the other skills, such as call or predation. For example, in the kingfisher and terns, the male has the behavior of fishing and offering fish before marriage, to prove that they have a good gene and the ability to nurture offspring.