What feathers can do with

Chicken feathers, in addition to good for chicken, but also has many other uses, some are made into pillows, coats or other products, such as a Feather Duster, feather pictures, and so on. But more waste chicken feathers, feathers of the global annual output of up to hundreds of millions of tons, but also increased. Currently a few feathers used as feed, fertilizer, and more being treated like trash away, so scientists are another way to use chicken feathers, United States scientists have discovered these annoying feathers have a new purpose, they developed a new technique of extracting feather fibers, used in the manufacture of paper, plastic and cloth ... In short, the chicken body is a treasure, not only meat and edible, but also can be used as medicine, feathers are priceless. First feather was mostly protein and contains a lot of fat, Gong Shan hung up at home with fine feathers can ward off evil and protect, lucky fortune, go intellect, all wishes come true and all the best.