What are the uses of feathers

Using chicken feather fibers to replace part of the wood pulp ingredients in paper products, feather fiber skeleton can better play supporting roles. Current air filter paper and paper products decorative application has started. With feather fiber paper, fiber content, 51%, and 49% wood pulp, pulp raw material saving and environmental advantages are obvious: the less 50% of the trees cut. Current air filter paper main wood pulp as raw material, but the feather fiber fiber characteristics make it more suitable as a raw material for air filter paper, the air filter is currently the first commercial application of processed chicken feather fibers.
According to the determination, wood pulp fiber width of around 10-20 μm, with feather fiber and pulp mixture raw material in the production of air filters can do only 5 microns thick, widths smaller than wood pulp fibres. Therefore, the hollow fiber filter paper feathers are smaller, more pollen and spores in the air can be filtered out. Benefits of home and Office using the feather fiber filter paper, it's Super fine filter can be all kinds of allergens in the air (dust) out of the filter, reduce the rate of air pollution syndrome.