There are five major uses of goose feathers: cold and warm, medicinal value, do goose brush, do badminton, goose fan

First, goose feathers keep warm

Goose feather is a very good warm raw material, can be made into goose down jacket, goose feather warm quilt.

Because the goose is a herbivore, there is no problem with odor in the goose itself. It is made of warm clothing or warmth. There is no odor. There is a down jacket and warmth in goose feathers. It is very light and very warm. It can be used in dozens of times. year. Goose fluffy, large, hollow, high fluffy, warmer and stronger.

Second, the medicinal value of goose feathers

The efficacy and role of goose feathers: detoxification swelling, wet sores, the main carbuncle swollen sore, swollen wind, eczema, sore, cramps, epilepsy.

Usage and dosage of goose feathers: Oral: calcined and deposited into powder, 3-6g or into the pill, scattered topical: amount, research Kaisa or dressing.

Goose's taboo attention: avoid spicy

Third, the quill pen

The quill pen removes the feathers from the wings of the goose and is degreased. After hardening, it can be cut into nibs. Before the Western invention of a metal pen tip, the pen was the main writing instrument. When it was in use, it was written with ink.

Fourth, badminton

The quality of badminton is mainly determined by the quality of feathers, balls, and glue. Feather badminton: according to the order of quality is goose feathers, cherry duck hair, red duck hair, duck feathers, duck feather hair, goose feather is the first choice for badminton.

Five, goose feather fan

The goose feather fan is taken from the goose's wings to make it the longest and longest feather. The fan in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms is the goose feather fan!

Goose feathers are duck feathers of the family Goose and have a very wide range of uses.