Ostrich feather

Ostrich feathers are different from other poultry feathers, rachis tough Middle 1 root, feather down comforters, soft texture, feel good, has good insulation properties, is a clothing industry the best ingredients. Ostrich feathers do not generate static electricity, can be used to clean up computers and precision instruments cleaning and car Duster. Ostriches grow to 6 months can be plucked, dial 1 for every 9 months later, each will produce feathers 1 kilograms. In addition, EMU oil is the raw material for production of advanced cosmetic skin care products, visceral, ostrich ostrich cornea, whip, ostrich bones have medicinal and medicinal value, to be exploited and human.
Ostrich feathers of a listed commodity ostrich feathers around the live weight of 14%, ostrich plumage are down feathers (only the rachis and barbules), the soft texture of the feathers, colors are gray, black, white, three. Due to the warm, good, soft, exquisite costumes and headdresses. Ostrich feathers are not static electricity, can be used to clean high-precision instruments and computers.