How to make a feather mask

In plastic Board Shang with Mark pen outline out mask of profile, eyes as big, don't cover sight, show nose of location, it is support feathers of skeleton, with scissors according to line profile cut out mask skeleton, because plastic Board slightly thick some, is easy cut wrong, slightly accidentally on will wasted, we in select plastic Board Shi can selected slightly thin of plastic Board, but must to can support up feathers, cut out raised of nose, as do each at are into round angle, is to in wearing mask Shi comfortable not hanging injury facial skin. Pull out the "orbital", then use the knife along the line trim "eye" edge. Fix the rear, with a knife in "orbit" dig a small hole on each side, can take a set of overhead elastic rope in two holes.
Will double rubber stick in "skeleton" Shang, this mask finished of shaped like, and character on full in you of support control among has, selected size, length, color right of feathers, do appropriate dressing, now began in above paste feathers has, will feathers posted in skeleton Shang as long as match good color, put you wants to of styling, modified good features, certainly will made made shaped beautiful of feathers mask. , And then decorated with plush feather do what is appropriate, then modified around the eyes, a shape mask will do.