How many bird feathers are there? What is the role of each? What are the characteristics?

A structure unique to birds that is formed by cells at the outermost layer of the epidermis is called feather. Covered on the body surface, light and hard, elastic and waterproof, with protection and flying features.

The feathers of birds are divided into three types: positive feather, feather feather and hairiness. The feathers on both sides of the feathers are small and feathery. The feathers are hooked or grooved, and the adjacent feathers are hooked together to form a flat and elastic feather. The positive feather of the body surface forms a windproof outer shell and gives the bird a streamlined contour. The positive feathers on the wings and tails play a decisive role in flying and balancing. The structural feature of the feather feather is that the feather shaft is weak, and the hook-shaped protrusion of the feather technique is not developed, and thus cannot form a solid feather piece. Duck down is the feather of the duck. The hairiness is very thin and hairy, and the miscellaneous is among the positive feathers and the feathers. It can only be seen after the feathers and feathers are removed.

The positive feather is a kind of bird feather. It consists of a feather shaft and a feather flap. There are many feather flaps on the feather shaft. It can be used to make fans, brooms and other supplies. The sub-feather is another kind of bird feather, also known as "post-feather" born at the base of the feather, usually a small feather scattered in the cluster.

The cashmere is born on the surface of the young chick and the base of the adult feather of the adult bird. It is also called cotton feather, commonly known as the fluff. It is a kind of bird feather. Born in the base of a bird's feather or the body surface of a nestling. The plume is degraded, the plume is soft and clumped; the plume is slender and has no hooks. It is shaped like cotton wool, fluffy, and has a strong heat preservation capacity. The waterfowl is especially rich in winter, and the commonly used duck down is feather feather.

The feather shaft of the feather feather is short and transparent. The plume is soft and clumps at the top of the feather shaft. The plume is slender, has no small hooks, and cannot be hooked into pieces, so it is soft and fluffy. The cashmere has the functions of heat preservation and body protection.

The feather plume is thin and long, and looks like hair. Feathers are few, born at the top of the feather shaft, many featherless branches. The fiber feathers are scattered in the eyelids, under the base of the sputum and under the feathers, and have the effect of the body and the body.