History of the feather duster

Originated in China. As early as the Xia dynasty 4,000 years ago, a man named little Kang, a chance to see a wounded Pheasant with a body crawled, climbed over the dust of a lot less. He thought, this is the role of chicken feathers, then caught a few pheasants unplug hair made the first broom. This is also the origin of the feather duster. Because the feathers are too soft, without resistance to wear, less sports namely for as raw materials such as bamboo, grass, converted into durable Duster brooms.
Today, most parts of Europe, Asia and the world, used a broom made of sorghum stalk. United States President Franklin in order to develop agriculture promote planting of sorghum and sorghum is planted throughout the United States. One day, hade a farmer needs a new broom, he cut some sorghum stalk, tied with a rope, both durable and easy to use, so everyone rushed to follow suit and start using sorghum brooms, so that the United States appeared sorghum broom manufacturing industry. Until now, the broom is still applied.