Feather collection maintenance

Pluck dry extraction and wet two, to pull is better. Most parts of the country by the wet pull feathers, moisture content, dry storage requirements.
1, collect chicken fluff, hair and feathers, especially the fluff and hairs the most valuable, do not miss.
2, various feather quality and different uses, not mixed.
3, in order to ensure the quality of feathers, remove hair when mixed with the foot shell, internal organs and feces.
1, dry feathers to be sheltered, sunny and clean, not mixed with impurities.
2, dried and feather should be timely collection, to avoid being blown away by the wind and the night was wet with dew.
1, feathers, dried in drying rooms, check frequently damp, mildew or smell should be dry again.
2, rainy or windy days indoors airing.