What are the uses of goose feathers?

The use of goose feathers:

1 cold insulation material. The fleece texture is soft, fluffy, elastic, and has good insulation properties. It is a high-grade cold-insulation filling material and can be made into a variety of daily necessities such as down coats, quilts, pillows, caps, and sleeping bags.

2 cultural sporting goods. Feather main wing feathers, vice main wing feathers can be processed to make feather fans, badminton, cricket and other supplies.

3 crafts. With natural feathers, feathers, feathers and other accessories can be made.

4 protein feed. After processing, it can be made into protein feed for livestock and poultry.

5 Chemical supplies. The keratin proteins in the feathers are chemically processed to produce a highly viscous protein solution that can be processed into a variety of chemical products.